Optimized, industry-ready solutions

A new concept to increase productivity

At Pont Precís, we are committed to delivering the required quality on time and at a competitive price. The more complex the challenge, the more it motivates us to solve it since the learning that we will apply in the future will come from there.

We deal with the design and manufacture of machined parts or tools within a range of 3000 x 3000 x 3000mm in any sector.

How do we work?


Customer service 24h with a single interlocutor who will personally attend and resolve any type of requirement.


ISO 9001. It is already a standard that any company must meet in order to work for certain sectors.


Anticipation of any detail that our experience may make us suspect may cause a problem, even meeting the requirements requested by the client.


All our orders are managed through an ERP that allows us to know the status of any order at the time.

Technical office

We have a project department that develops its functions in total synchronization with the client and with our manufacturing area. Because in any design, its pros and cons must be considered when manufacturing.

We have workstations with 3d design programs and Cad-Cam as it cannot be otherwise in the times we are in if we want to be competitive in a global world.

Our project area is specialized in optimizing processes, in the redesign of products and tools to achieve faster set-ups; because the objective of any company is to achieve higher productivity with better results and less variability. We can help you develop new methods or new technologies to position yourself ahead of your competition.

We encourage you to present your needs to us, and see if we can fit your project into our business format at a competitive price.

For all this we have TopSolid licenses.


The machinery park that we currently have is made up of:

We also have a wire machine, EDM, 200 Tn press, TIG welder, marking machine …

We help you and solve your doubts

Our staff has extensive experience in the machining of complex and high-cost parts. This has forced us to redesign our work methodology to be more efficient every day and thus achieve the excellence that any client demands.

Our management system is constantly modified as any detail arises that can improve it so that our management is impeccable. We cannot afford to put at risk the prestige and trust that our clients place in us.

An external crosshairs, sometimes it is the last cartridge to solve a problem. Having a non-judgmental, unconditional perspective is usually a plus. Working for different sectors has forced us to solve the same problem in different ways. We will be happy to solve any type of mechanical behavior problem in your manufacturing line.

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