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We are specialists in the design and manufacture of parts, matrices and tools for the industry

Since 2007, our team has managed to understand the needs of the industry and create reliable products to meet your needs.

With our experience, specialization and service we can face almost any type of project that is proposed to us. The engineering, manufacturing,assembly, logistics, andcustom service make us highly competitive.


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Quality first. We make sure that every detail is taken into account during the manufacture of each piece. Our focus is 100% on customer needs and satisfaction.

Maximum quality

We employ a modern and agile management and traceability system to meet the quality demanded. In the event of any incident, it is resolved in an agile way without impacting the delivery period. Our company has been able to adapt in a V.U.C.A environment; every day everything is more unpredictable, more uncertain, more irregular, more complex, more ambiguous, and there are no perfect plans

Focus on detail

Excellence is in the details. Our team is highly qualified and has calibrated and certified means of control to detect the slightest deviation. Our state-of-the-art machines are equipped with sensors and measure the parts before they are checked by our quality technicians.

We are the company you can trust to find an effective solution to all your needs.

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